Lighthouse Primary School - Students


Mauritius is a country of many peoples. Lighthouse’s student body reflects this microcosm. Since one of the aims of the school is that its students impact Mauritius favourably in the future, we seek students of all strata of its society to be a part.


Lighthouse wishes to encourage parents to be the ultimate authority of their children. The school is only a delegated authority. Therefore, though Lighthouse seeks to provide the best education and role models possible, we recognise that it is parents who provide the foundation for a child’s character and view on the world.


Parents are an active part of the life of Lighthouse Primary School.  For instance, parents:

  1. reinforce the concepts learned during the day
  2. provide assistance to teachers
  3. share gifts and knowledge in their vocational fields with students as it complements the curriculum
  4. assist with fundraising and procurement
  5. provide constructive guidance to the school’s administration

Parents receive monthly newsletters to keep them abreast of what is going on in the classroom and are welcome to be in contact with their child’s teacher on a daily basis.


We believe teachers are “the living curriculum.” They teach not only in words but through their very lives. Our teachers are selected for their professional qualifications and their passion for teaching – along with the patience and love great teaching requires.

We also benefit from superb volunteers who teach special subjects in the curriculum based on their expertise.


Lighthouse Primary School is a non-profit organisation owned by the Lighthouse (Charitable) Trust. It is independent of any religious organisation. Because of its fee structure and start-up nature, Lighthouse would not be able to operate without donor contributions from Mauritius and abroad.


Some donors provide financial assistance while others donate their time and services, or provide their product at cost. This spirit of volunteerism and obligation to the wider community is not only critical for the financial viability of the school, but also serves as an example for the students and is something Lighthouse wishes to impart to them.


If you are interested in becoming a donor, please see Giving to see how you can be a part.


Board of Trustees

The Lighthouse (Charitable) Trust is overseen by a board of trustees which undertakes the overall supervision of the school and which ensures that the school’s activities meet its original objectives for the benefit of the children of Mauritius.

The main objective of the Lighthouse Trust is to benefit the children of Mauritius through the Lighthouse Primary School. 



Lighthouse Primary School is not an isolated academy. It is just one part of a diverse group of fellow villagers, including resident families, social organisations, businesses, government agencies and law enforcement bodies. Lighthouse intends to contribute positively to its community and country, while at the same time being supported by it.


Children and families who do not attend Lighthouse are nonetheless reached by its benefits. There are various ways this may occur:

  • Regular seminars on practical subjects for parents 
  • Adult literacy classes
  • Cooperation with other schools through sports days, tutoring and sharing of teaching enrichment
  • Community use of Lighthouse’s facilities, such as play equipment and a play centre for parents and children
  • Gifts collected for poor and abused children in Mauritius

Facebook Group Please join our Facebook group, “Friends of Lighthouse Primary School” (FLiPS), for more news and updates.