Lighthouse Primary School - GivingGiving


Lighthouse invites you to be a part of this thrilling initiative to contribute to the future of Mauritius and beyond.


Lighthouse welcomes financial gifts of any size, as well as in-kind donations. Examples of the latter are curriculum materials, library resources and books, equipment, furniture and services.. We have a regularly-updated wish list available – ask us!


Lighthouse Primary School also endeavours to provide financial assistance to deserving students from financially less privileged families. Donors are invited to sponsor individual students.


The school undertakes to do the following with respect to each donation:

  1. Acknowledge the donation and inform the donor of its use
  2. Provide ongoing updates on the fruits of the donation
  3. Provide financial statements on the school’s operations at the donor’s request
  4. Take the greatest care in identifying deserving scholarship recipients and ensure conditions are upheld for its continuation
  5. Be excellent stewards of each gift, avoiding waste

Should you feel called to donate to the Lighthouse Primary School, you may do so through either direct bank transfer or deposit, or give online. Please email us at for details.